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Intrepid Brewing | Terpene Hop Extracts for Dry Hopping

Terpenes for Dry Hopping

Intrepid Brewing offers Hop Extracts for Dry Hopping -- the process of adding hops to beer after fermentation -- resulting in a less bitter "hoppy" flavor with many benefits for the brewer and brewing process.

Dry Hopping: A Brief Explainer

Used as a technique to add to the “hoppy” flavor for which beer has been enjoyed for centuries, dry hopping involves adding hops, or Hop Extracts, to beer after fermentation. What results is a less bitter, yet well-rounded flavor profile for beer products than if hops were added before the boil or fermentation process.


The Role of Hop Extracts in Dry Hopping

Extracting oils from hops for dry hopping doesn’t always result in a consistent flavor profile, and unfavorable plant compounds can make it into the extract that add a bitter taste. Intrepid Brewing’s Hop Extracts are stable, consistent, and true-to-flavor, providing the brewer efficient flavors and aromas that will carry through from batch-to-batch.

Efficient Transfer of Flavors & Aromas

Batch-to-Batch Consistency

Potential Increase in Profit and Yield by 5%-30%

True Hoppy Flavor Without the Bitterness

Intrepid Brewing | Terpene Hop Extracts for Dry Hopping

The Importance of Terpenes for Dry Hopping

Terpenes are what bring the flavor and aroma of all plants, including hops. Intrepid Brewing’s blends of Hop Extracts are made of expertly-extracted terpenes for brewers to create the flavor and aroma that make Dry Hopping brews unique. Our solvent-free and carrier-free blends replicate the distinct terpene profiles of different hops without the variances that can occur in hops between farms, techniques, equipment, and harvests.

The Benefits of Hop Extracts for Brewers

Hop Extracts are dispersible, creating batch-to-batch consistency and efficiency in the flavor and aroma of the beer product. Intrepid Brewing’s Hop Extracts are water-soluble liquid form and are hyper-flowable, ensuring no sticky residue on equipment. Hop Extracts are stored at room temperature and require no special handling. There will be no negative affect on IBU test results, zero hop-creep, and no lightstruck off-flavors. Using Hop Extracts prevents loss of absorption, potentially increasing yields from 5-30%.

Intrepid Brewing | Terpene Hop Extracts for Dry Hopping
Intrepid Brewing | Terpene Hop Extracts for Dry Hopping

Who is Intrepid Brewing?

Intrepid Brewing provides botanically sourced terpenes to brewers to enhance the flavor, aroma, and effects of beer formulations. We are proud to be a part of the True Company family, with our vision for Intrepid Brewing developed through the scientific exploration of terpenes through our sister company True Terpenes, which is a leader in providing various industries high quality terpenes. Our products are all-natural, GRAS-certified and TTB-approved.

Intrepid Brewing | Terpene Hop Extracts for Dry Hopping

Choose Intrepid Brewing for Hop Extracts

Intrepid Brewing provides of blends of terpenes and isolates, including Hop Extracts, to brewers interested to turn up the flavor of their beer products through Dry Hopping. We take the guess-work out of the process to ensure that every drop is consistently flavorful.

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